What is QCPRECISE!™ ?

The future of personalized medicine.

Applying high-tech machine learning & artificial intelligence, QuantumCyte pioneers our AI integrated platform (QCPRECISE!™) & automated tissue dissection in modern pathology for better patient outcomes. QCPRECISE!™ harnesses the power of AI for digital pathology to molecular analysis, to deliver precise & pure cellular data. This tool enables far superior diagnostic results, especially for cancer patients. Growth of personalized medicine demands large amounts of molecular data, and QuantumCyte is poised to address this global demand with their ability to extract highly precise molecular data. The technology is endorsed in both clinical and research markets.
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Research and Drug Discovery
Bring precision to biomarker, drug discovery and companion diagnostics through
intelligent, automated tissue dissection
  • Expedite research with spatial information to develop disease understanding
  • Leverage AI to guide tissue microdissection, increase tumor purity, and generate actionable data from biopsies with low tumor content
  • Extract nucleic acid with the precision required for advanced NGS testing, RNA, DNA, and protein biomarkers analysis
  • [core needle Biopsies] and [TMAs – Tissue microarrays]
  • Tony early study poster (69% increase in VAF)
  • 2020 AMP poster to NASH (AASLD poster)
  • Tumor buds (AMP/Mayo poster)
  • Jingyi poster – NPC, 2023
  • AZ poster at AMP 2023
Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
Capture the precision from the AI-based digital pathology to extract high quality samples
for molecular analysis
  • Increase efficiency through end-to-end automated tissue dissection from digital pathology to sample prep for downstream sequencing
  • Drive revenue by reducing inconclusive tests resulting from low tumor content and poor-quality tissue samples
  • Increase signal to noise and data quality for precision diagnostic
  • Lower cost and improve efficiency through scalable microdissection
  • [add Timothy poster title; poster at USCAP 2024]
  • Link to Tony (GI patient) – AMP 2020
Healthcare Providers
Make precision medicine possible for all patients with the right therapy to each individual
at the right time.
  • Accurately identify patients who will benefit from cutting-edge therapies
  • Reduce inconclusive genetic testing in difficult tissue samples such as QNS, FNA, and pleural
  • Reduce prebiopsy rates with actionable result the first time
  • Link to Tony (GI patient) – AMP 2020
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A precise and accurate workflow.

With conclusive results.

Innovative AI-integrated high-tech solutions can increase cellular purity and optimize molecular pathology workflows with improved accuracy, efficiency, and reliability, while avoiding the time-consuming, delicate, and risky process of tissue macro-dissection.

Step 1.

Doctor performs biopsy on patient
Step 2.

QCPrecise!™-Automated tissue dissection.High image resolution and digital annotation
Step 3.

Sequencing analysis(DNA, RNA)
Step 4.

Isolate DNA only from tumor cells. Results were conclusive.