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The Tumor Immune Microenvironment of Recurrent / Metastatic Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.
Jing Yi Ma, Che Kang Lim, Anne James, Sharifah Alsagoff, Sam Xin Xiu, Gek San, Qian Hui Poh, Jolene Poh...
Array-SeQ: An open array platform that simultaneously profiles genotype and phenotype of single cells.
Suhani Thakker, Katie Konigsfeld,
Edgar Machuca, Aaron Arvey, Bidhan Chaudhuri, John Butler
An automated tissue dissection platform improves NGS data quality of clinical lung and colon cancer biopsies.
John Butler, Katie Konigsfeld, Bidhan Chaudhuri, Tan Gek San, Tony Lim Kiat Hon
A Novel AI-driven spatial genomics platform enables tumor enrichment and analysis of heterogeneity
Bidhan Chaudhuri, Katie Konigsfeld, Marisa Sanchez, Jason Smith, Casey Laris, Claire Weston, John Butler
A Novel AI-driven Spatial Genomics Platform Demonstrates Heterogeneity in NASH Liver
John Butler , Katie Konigsfeld , Krishna Murugesan , Casey Laris , Mary Nguyen , Marisa Sanchez , Bidhan Chaudhuri , Quin Wills , Jack O’Meara , Claire Weston