Our Story

17 years ago John Butler's, CEO and Founder of Quantumcyte, wife was diagnosed with late stage metastatic carcinoid cancer, a rare incurable untreatable disease at that time. 
For the last 10 years John has devoted his life to the development of a technology that would deliver a set of capabilities to study cancer in a very unique way. Armed with a knack for developing products that answer complex biological questions, an amazing network of scientists, engineers,computational biologists, business development professionals, and a supportive network of investors and scientific advisors, John teamed up with Quantumcyte’s CTO and Founder, Dr. Bidhan Chaudhuri.

Together John and Bidhan embarked on a journey to develop a product that would enable cancer research and clinical communities to study and diagnose cancer a very unique way. The result of their efforts is the creation of a product called QCPrecise!™. QCPrecise!™ represents a cutting edge fusion of AI based digital pathology and molecular analysis. This innovative workflow not only generates unique translational data but also introduces novel clinical workflows that tackle the challenge of cancer’s heterogeneity. It empowers us to develop groundbreaking clinical tests for cancer, metastatic disease, and other solid tissue diseases.

Throughout this journey, the Quantumcyte team has cultivated strong relationships with major clinical labs in hospitals, translation research institutions in academia, and major pharma companies all excited to use the QCPrecise!™ system to advance their critical work to deliver information and drug therapies to decrease the uncertainties after a cancer diagnosis.
“At Quantumcyte, our technology represents a pivotal step towards the realization of precision medicine. We
are reimagining the way we approach complex diseases and tailoring treatments to the individual, creating a
future with less uncertainty for patients and physicians alike.”

Katie Konigsfeld

Lab Manager

Katie graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in biology and went straight into industry, working for a J. Craig Venter company, Synthetic Genomics Inc, on the EMRE algal biofuels project. There, she honed her micro- and molecular biology skills while helping develop, and eventually lead, their in house productivity assay. Switching gears, she worked on various productivity and phenotypic screening assays and then optimization of SGI’s BioXP 3200 system protocols before joining the QuantumCyte team where she acts as the research scientist. Katie focuses on instrumentation and molecular biochemistry development as well as helping on the operational aspects of the company.

John Butler

CEO and Founder

John has a strong background in advanced technology development for biotech applications and operations. He has spent over 20 years developing technologies for PCR based applications, technology development for human genome sequencing and most recently development of technologies to advance disease research. Mr Butler was a Director at Applied Biosystems (acquired by Thermo Fisher) and Manager of Manufacturing at Pacific Biosciences.

Dr Bidhan Chaudhuri

CTO & Founder

Bidhan jointly developed the Cytomask technology with John Butler. Core expertise is in bringing technology products from concept to high volume manufacturing which he has successfully achieved with at Intel, Han Hwa Solar and Pacific Biosciences. Notably, Dr Chaudhuri developed the SMRT chip, all the way to high volume manufacturing at Pac Bio. He holds a PhD in Material Sciences and MEMS

Bernadine Lim

CCO and Co-Founder

Originally from Singapore, Bernadine Lim’s entrepreneurial drive has enabled Quantumcyte to secure high value strategic partnerships in the US and SE Asia. This includes structuring a milestone clinical research collaboration with Singapore General Hospital plus alliances with leading blue chip clinical and pharmaceutical groups in the US. Incrementally, Bernadine was instrumental in steering Quantumcyte’s efforts to win the grand prize for the 2021 Slingshot ompetition – Asia’s premier startup contest. Prior to successfully transitioning to the Bio/MedTech sector, Bernadine worked for Citigroup’s global investment bank in a leading front-line sales position.

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